SEQUENCE News is a network of producers providing newsrooms and television magazines with in-depth coverage from around the world.

Our stories unfold the decisions, actions and agendas leading up to the big headlines and at the same time, describe all from the shocking effects till the encouraging results these will have for the people living the news.

We work hard to give the details, emotions, colour and feeling missing in the news agency coverage. Our stories in contrast provide news producers and magazine editors with the opportunities to report in a way they would have with their own crew in the field.

Our stories are delivered untracked but besides that come as finished edits in regards of mixed sound and trimmed editing. We strive to offer the best of footage and editing in the reports but of course leave to our clients the full rights to re-edit and supply additional material.

As we are looking to expand our service of high quality in-depth news stories we welcome independent producers from around the world to join our network.